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Analysis of Financial Indicators

Clients using this service

Full Analysis of Your Company’s Budget Calculations:

This area includes an analysis of the Client’s budget calculations within individual types of taxes and (or) individual tax periods as agreed with the client and an analysis of the company’s tax accounting with regards to individual items of income (or expense) which are the basis for determining the taxable base of the corresponding taxes.

This service is used to identify inconsistencies in the calculation of taxable income based on the governing regulations of taxation and tax reporting in the Russian Federation. Once all discrepancies have been identified, our consultants will assess the potential financial implications as a result of the miscalculations and develop a detailed proposal outlining possible corrective action.

Transfer Pricing Services:

  1. Development and implementation of a Transfer Pricing monitoring system to monitor prices on controlled transactions (analysis of transactions with related and internal parties during controlled transactions, development of all transfer pricing algorithms and technology). Drafting of internal documents for the client, providing methods and techniques for monitoring services.
  2. Development and implementation of the Transfer pricing system, including the following activities: analysis of existing client relationships with contractors, choosing of a method (or combination) and analysing its validity for determining the sum of income in controlled transactions, providing internal documents regulating the procedure to ensure that all controlled pricing transactions are at their market level.

We guarantee confidentiality in all interactions with our clients and are responsible for the results of our work in accordance to applicable laws.

Due Diligence Services:

Due Diligence carried out through our analysis of the client’s procedures in order to assess the economic and legal state of the client’s company includes: the analysis and evaluation of the effectiveness of internal control systems, the accounting process and document management systems to ensure complete, accurate and timely reporting of information during the preparation of accounting and tax reporting and analysis during state budget calculations in order to identify any tax risks that could result in significant financial penalties having a negative impact on the client’s financial performance, analysis and assessment of legal risks associated with any corporate activities of the organization and current management activities. The aforementioned legal risks will be detailed in a report together with an action plan to address them in compliance with the client’s desires.

Analysis of Financial and Economic Activities:

Carrying out an analysis of financial and economic activities to detect any inefficient use of resources, analysing details of business transactions and any client violation of the procedure established by the regulations authorities and the Charter, which could lead to the deterioration of the client’s financial condition and/or violate the owners’ (or shareholders’) rights. In addition, an assessment of significant tax risks that may adversely affect the financial condition of the client’s organization is carried out.

Analysis of the Internal Control System:

Analysis of internal control procedures involves the review of internal procedures for accounting and preparation of financial statements and includes: the identification of critical accounting risks and the outlining of measures to eliminate them, Providing an analysis of the holdings and analytical measures within the existing internal client control system by analyzing the completeness and accuracy of accounting facts and reporting the compliance of reports with applicable laws and regulatory legal acts regarding accounting or internal local regulations.


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