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Audit Services

Clients using this service

Based on the Russian Federal Law № 307 (30.12.2008), On Accounting, and Federal Rules (Standards), CSG provides an array of audit services including:

  1. Statutory audit, which involves the confirmation of the accuracy of financial accounting statements of the company subject to the statutory audit of the Law or the scale of financial and economic activity in accordance with the Audit Law (statutory audit). The result of the audit will be provided in the form of an audit opinion by a CSG specialist.
  2. Audit-related services: survey checks, agreed procedures, compilation of financial information. Please note that this type of service is not an audit to confirm the reliability of the reporting company.

CSG’s audit procedures involve our specialists analyzing your business and understanding which audit procedures will be necessary, based on the level of materiality and audit risk values.

Our services are designed to meet the highest standards while delivering the economic results our clients expect.


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