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Corporate Law

CSG provides effective protection of the interests of your organization and can provide the following services:

  1. Advice on corporate law;
  2. Conducting legal analysis and due diligence;
  3. Project preparation and analysis of share sales, capital shares and other transactional contracts associated with a change in ownership of a client’s company;
  4. Provide government representation in connection with registration procedures;
  5. Provide legal representation during arbitration or corporate disputes.

Our organization will provide legal services to protect our client’s interests in hidden or explicit corporate conflicts at all stages of dispute resolution, in Moscow and all other regions of Russia.

CSG will provide a comprehensive legal evaluation and analysis of documents associated with the purchase or sale of businesses (including real estate).

CSG can also provide services connected to the organization of an optimal structure for conducting mergers, acquisitions and divisions of companies as well as provide recommendations and all required documents for the implementation of these activities. Our comprehensive analysis of all factors throughout these initiatives will ensure that we protect our client’s best interests.

Comprehensive analysis of all legal real estate factors will ensure CSG can protect the property interests of our clients.


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