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Protection of Taxpayers' Rights

CSG specializes in pre-trial and judicial protection of taxpayer interests in the event of tax disputes while providing legal support and application of superior tax legislation knowledge.

CSG’s specialists also provide protection of taxpayers’ interests during tax issues that arise as a result of planned tax control measures as well as challenge decisions resulting from tax audits.

The service ‘Protection of Taxpayers’ Rights’ includes, but is not limited to, legal support of taxpayers:

  1. During a tax audit: analysis of legislation, litigation, primary accounting documentation, requirements of the tax authority, the formation of legal positioning and responding to the requirements of tax authority documents, preparing objections to the inspection and participating in the examination of tax authority documents, and if required, appealing to the highest tax authorities.
  2. Conducting an appeal against the results of a tax audit in Russian courts in all required instances, including: analysis of the tax authorities’ decisions based on tax materials provided, develop strategies and tactics for dispute, analyze legislation, legal practices, primary accounting documentation, collection of case documents, preparation of legal arguments (including procedural documents: application to court, review, explanations, etc) preparation of legal documentation based on available data and interacting with any and all tax organizations involved in the trial.

CSG ensures all required interim measures are taken to minimize risk and maximize tax returns.


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